Who are we ?

The Panorac story

2016 - Freshly graduated in Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism, Jean-Christophe Picard dreams of founding his own outdoor adventure company. Great lover of nature and passionate about white water sports, he first wanted to dedicate his activities to the river. He imagined a name and that's how "Les Expéditions Panorama" was born.

2017-2018 - For many years, Jean-Christophe had a special bond with the Montmorency River. He is aware of the potential of its many rapids sections but also of the diversity of landscapes that this jewel of Quebec can offer. It is not only the ideal place for adrenaline lovers but also for families who want to enjoy the great outdoors a little more calmly.

"Les Expéditions Panorama" established itself at the Lac Beauport to offer rafting excursions on the Montmorency River. Even if the first two seasons were challenging and the customers did not show up as expected, Jean-Christophe stay motivated and started to surround himself with partners for the future.

In 2018, Panorama Expeditions is accredited "Safety Quality" by Aventure Écotourisme Québec.

2019 – Jean-Christophe signs a first partnership with Nord-Expé and decided to move its headquarters at the top of the Montagne-à-Deux-Têtes in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval. En parallèle, la compagnie développe son propre service de transport pour les touristes et rejoint aussi le Mouvement Québécois de la Qualitéa guarantee of excellence for the years to come.

Always fascinated by the Montmorency River, Jean-Christophe decided to explore and clean up a little-known part of this river in order to offer an activity that remains the trademark of our company to this day: the Amazone en Nature.

Thanks to partnerships with companies such as Windingo or Toundra Voyages International tourists have the chance to enjoy an exciting rafting trip or to ride a floating island in the meanders of the Montmorency River.

2020 - "Les Expéditions Panorama" changed its name to "Panorac". The river season is sold out and many Quebecois discover the Montmorency River under a new light.

Jean-Christophe has always wanted to develop a mobile application dedicated to travel. He imagines the "SOS Guide" and starts the development phase: these are the beginnings of BsideMap.

2021- Panorac now has an advisory committee, Jean-Christophe starts to surround himself with a team dedicated to the design and development of the first version of BsideMap.

At the same time, the "Amazon en Nature" is a phenomenal success. The company was also nominated for the title of company of the year by the MRC de la Jacques-Cartier.

2022 - BsideMap continues to evolve, the third version of the application is released and the company gets the support of the Alliance de l’Industrie Touristique du Québec to help the project evolve. Panorac is also invited to attend the Salon des Meilleures Pratiques d’Affaires at the Congress Center of Montréal in order to showcase the innovation that BsideMap represents.

On the river side, a small revolution occurs since the traditional floating islands, until then used for the "Amazonne en Nature", are traded for revolutionary boats: the AlpackaRaft.

And this is only the beginning...

Where does the name "Panorac" come from?

Panorac comes from the word «panorama» which refers to the origins of the company.

The etymology of the prefix « pan » means a globality or a whole that reinforces the all-inclusive services, from transportation to activities, that Panorac offers to travelers.

The nominal also includes the word « Nord » which specifies its geographical location in relation to the rest of the world.  To orient yourself in the forest, it is necessary to know the north, which partly demonstrates our accompaniment and guide side.

Meet our staff !

Jean-Christophe PICARD

Chief Executive Officer


Head of Transport Division

Jérémie FARRET

Head of infrastructure, geoanalysis and advising on new technologies


Editor in Chief
Her blog : Plume & Sac à Dos


Adventure Division Director