Interactive map, places of interest to visit and services nearby, travel itineraries, SOS Guide and much more !

In the meantime, try out our first web version !

Much more than an application : a travel partner !

Travel differently and easily with Bsidemap, the application that offers a range of essential tools for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

This free, multilingual and easy-to-use mobile app will guide you through all the steps of your adventures, from preparation to return, and will propose a large number of outdoor activities according to your preferences.

interactive map

  • Easy and intuitive access to the closest points of interest according to your desires
  • More than 35 types of places listed such as hiking, cross-country skiing, nature observation, climbing and many others
  • Detailed information for each point of interest (activities, services, itinerary, rates, etc.)
  • Geolocation and recommendation process according to your preferences
  • Offline navigation available
Current version of the application already includes more than 2000 points of interest across Quebec and British Columbia.

My account

  • Create your profile and access a social network dedicated to travelers
  • Immortalize your experiences, share your photos and useful information
  • Take advantage of many features that will follow you in your adventures
  • Inspire thousands of users !
  • The first 300 accounts created will benefit from premium advantages

SOS guide

- You have been injured in a National Park ?
- You have lost your passport ?
- You have to pay a ticket ?

  • Gold mine of information for travelers
  • Registry of geolocated emergency procedures
  • Quick access to the most relevant information

2D and 3D modeling prototype in partnership with Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval

New product available

  • 2D and/or 3D modeling of a landmark (municipality, touristic attraction, territory, etc)
  • Integration of traffic axes, forest roads and higher level modeling providing visual landmarks.
  • Provides an immersive experience