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An Outstanding Nature Experience

And if it was this “something” that was worth telling now !!!

Jean-Christophe Picard, Owner


The Founder’s Word

« Travelers want to learn »

First, I welcome you to my website dedicated to adventure and the outdoors. You will discover the expeditions offered by my company located in Quebec to which I dedicate a pledge of quality.

A true outdoor enthusiast, this has always brought me to the most beautiful corners of Quebec. It is this passion, always growing that led me to discover the course in adventure tourism in Quebec.

It was a source of knowledge and enrichment because experience also means sensations, sensations and unforgettable memories.

Are you hungry for adventure? The routine weighs you? Perhaps you are ready to reconnect with nature.

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« Experience, nature, detail»

These three words are symbolic of the essence of the business; to offer you an extraordinary nature experience in the details.
Anxious to perfect its expertise and the variety of expeditions offered, the founder and owner took a few years to launch the Panorac expeditions in Quebec.
Several companies have already trusted Panorac through partnership development in the outdoor area, the Outfitter Lac-Beauport, the city of Saint-Brigitte-de-Laval and more.

Why choose Panorac Expeditions ?

We have the expertise and knowledge
Our service is incomparable
Our rates are competitive
We offer expeditions for everyone
We show you the most beautiful landscapes of Quebec
We are listening to you
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Why go on an expedition … The 7 signs

In many cases, work and family life prevent us from leaving. Panorama expeditions allow you to experience some of these family experiences. Other expeditions offered by Panorama allow work-family balance; leave for only a few days and experience an amalgam of strong emotions or you will constantly have to surpass yourself.

Here are 7 signs that will convince you that it’s time for you to escape.

  1. You often question yourself
  2. You want to live new experiences
  3. You want to go beyond your own limits
  4. You are tired of the routine
  5. You want to explore new places
  6. You have more than enough to think about daily chores
  7. You would give everything to leave

Visit our packages

Amazon in nature

For anyone wishing to discover a corner of paradise 20 minutes from downtown Quebec City


Rafting The Montmorency River

On the Montmorency River, we offer a safe descent in level two (2) and three (3) rapids

Nordic walking

Historians do not know exactly where the snowshoe comes from, but it will forever remain a symbol of courage, adventure and daring for Canadians

Rafting The Montmorency River


Outdoor enthusiast and adventure? This expedition is for you. Our adventure guides will give you an extraordinary experience on the popular Montmorency River in Quebec City. You were wondering what to do in Quebec City? Panorama Expeditions have the solution for you. Make your reservation as soon as possible.

Come and enjoy a captivating experience accessible to everyone on the Montmorency River. We offer a safe descent in level two (2) and three (3) rapids, accompanied by professional river guides.
This outing with family or friends in the Quebec nature will leave you with a memory impossible to forget.

Suitable for beginners or initiates wishing to make a routine descent, you will discover during your rafting down a dynamic environment and full of surprises with many rapids and fun GUARANTEED … while staying dry.


Departure / Return          Panorama Expedition  354 Auclair Street, Sainte-Brigitte-De-Laval

Departure Time                You must arrive for 9:00 am

Return Time                      Around 5:00 pm

What to wear                    Swimsuit, sunscreen and change of clothes
                                            MANDATORY: Shoes to wear during the tour (sandals, running shoes, fangs, water shoes, etc.)

                                       ✅ Initiation course                                                                              ✅ Transport

                                       ✅ Material (paddle, wet suit, floatation vest, etc.)                         ✅ Guides

Not Included                X  Meal

                                       X  Private lessons



The Amazon In Nature


For anyone wishing to discover a corner of paradise 20 minutes from downtown Quebec City. With family or friends, roam the winding Montmorency River, a quiet section of the river but filled with surprises.

Get ready for a hot summer day! Go on our floating islands in a splendid natural course. You will cross on your way several islands, beaches and stops to eat and quench your thirst. This activity is ideal for an outing with family or friends in a safe environment.

Choose between 2 different courses depending on the time you own and the water level of the river.

A unique activity on your doorstep! Limited places!  Available from May 31st.

Departure / Return                Panorama Expeditions 354 Auclair Street, Sainte-Brigitte-De-Laval

Departure Time                     10:00 am

Return Time                            Between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm

What To Wear                         Wear comfortable and warm clothing, adapted to the weather conditions

                                             ✅ Nautical transportation               ✅ Flotation Jackets

                                             ✅ Transport                                       ✅ Activities

Not included                      X  Rental available



Nordic Walking


Historians do not know exactly where the snowshoe comes from, because no research precisely specifies its origins. One thing is certain, this invention is older than the wheel and was an object of first necessity to move in winter for all the Nordic people and this, since at least 8000 years.

Racket is and will forever be a symbol of courage, adventure and daring for Canadians. And a symbol that reminds us that thousands of French-Canadian settlers traveled in winter our great country walking thousands of kilometers to ensure their survival in a harsh climate.

Our snowshoe packages will allow you to discover the two-headed mountain at your own pace and according to your abilities. It is now time to get closer to the nature of Quebec. All you have to do is choose the package that suits you.

Package backpack

Included: Racket and backpack, snacks + hot beverages

16$ per personne

Package backpack with guide

Included: Racket and backpack, snacks + hot beverages

To discover the mountain with a guide is to discover the way of life of the old settlers who lived there and to learn about this way of moving our ancestors. You can also find out more about the area’s fauna and flora.

Duration of the activity: Between 2h and 3h

Price: $ 34.99 + taxes per person

Racket rental: $ 8 per half day


Seashore Cottage


On lands swept by the wind and waves that sweep their vigours gracefully. The incessant rhythm of the tides mesmerizes the environment as if the cursed bay legends were founded.

Seashore Cottage, a family story

There is a long history behind the acquisition of the first seashore cottage Panorama by the Picard family. The family, which is also behind several tourism development projects in Quebec, takes almost 3 years to find the rare pearl in Ste-Luce-Sur-Mer. Despite the many risks and inconveniences and floods that are due to the ups and downs of the Golf St-Laurent, they want to keep the cottage in its exact location so that customers experience an extraordinary experience.

Availability: April to September

Duration: Day, Weekend, Week

Would you like more information about our packages?


For all types of questions, whether for a personalized package or questions about our available packages, do not hesitate to contact us by completing the form below. It will be our pleasure to help you.


354 Rue Auclair, Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval
(581) 984-8344
Would you like to be part of the team?


We are currently looking for adventure guides. Our company interests you and you are a real outdoor enthusiast ?

See the available positions here



Between mountain and river.

In many cases, work and family life prevent us from leaving. Panorama expeditions allow you to experience winter experiences like snowshoeing or water activities all summer long.

Located at the top of the two-headed mountain in Saint-Brigitte-de-Laval in the Quebec City region and enjoying a splendid panorama, Expedition Panorama is able to offer you complete and user-friendly packages in new installations.

The company has been accredited by the AEQ since 2018 and meets the most rigorous standards of the adventure tourism industry.
Snowshoe trails, rafting and other water activities, accommodation and shuttle service are also offered.


Possibility of work all year! Contact us for more information

Location: Lac-Beauport and Ste-Brigitte de Laval                   Apply here
Number of positions available:
Start of employment: Mid-May depending on the water level
Salary: According to experience

Let’s look for 2019 season

  • Rafting Guide: Becoming a rafting guide on Montmorency River expeditions, it sounds good! But it is above all experiences and moments of quality in a safe environment for our customers. It is to understand the philosophy of the company and it is to share the passion of the plein-air. In the end, rafting with Panorama Expeditions is a pleasant experience and especially accessible to families on a river class 2-3. Cowboy abstain.

    Patroller Guide: Becoming a patroller means having the river at heart in its dynamic environment and being able to react in an emergency. The work consists in ensuring a follow-up between the client and the company to allow a sustainable development of the Amazon activity. Several issues and considerations are to be taken into account. The patrol guide is the friend of the river, which is why he always brings his trash bag. He closes the river, ensuring the smooth running of the activities.

✅ Be able to guide whitewater rafting type(SEV)

✅ To be able to guide various activities

✅ To be able to assist the chief guide when preparing expeditions and developing activities

✅ Have a strong sense of anticipation

✅ Prioritize security and apply protocols

✅ Have up-to-date CPR / CPR training

✅ Posséder un permis de conduire classe 4B (atout)


Aptitudes and skills of our professional guides


  • Have the formations to intervene at any time on the river
  • Is a leader with a strong sense of anticipation
  • Uses the morphology of the river to his advantage
  • Supports his group from the reception until the end of the day
  • Always be ready (equipment)
  • Never put one’s own person in danger
  • Is always fit physically and mentally
  • Communicates with the team and with the safety kayak for maneuvers
  • Signals or maintains any broken equipment
  • Always calm
  • Predicts instead of reacting
  • Strict residence against the instructions
  • Never force the boat to pinball
  • Tell the truth to his clients
  • Fulfills his reports

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